The Idea

Based on the national renowned TV series, "The Apprentice" featuring Donald Trump, the Stanford Apprentice will emulate the trials and tribulations professionals face in the business world and put Stanford students up to the task.

Do You Have What It Takes

Who will prevail- the techies or the fuzzies?
Stanford University undergraduate students typically fall into one of two categories: Techies (engineering-oriented majors) and Fuzzies (liberal-arts oriented majors). Pairing the two parts of the brain together against each other, The Stanford Apprentice will determine which half takes home the gold. The series will be shot from February through March 2011 in and around the Stanford University campus and the nearby town of Palo Alto


The Epic Reality TV Series

Testing willpower and resourcefulness, the Stanford Apprentice will debut two teams of four members each who must work together to be successful and outwit the opposing team at the given task.

Stanford Apprentice at work

Each team will be given a task by a sponsor to complete using their intellect, creativity, and tactfulness. The winning team will gain points. The losing team, on the other hand, will be faced with a difficult loss and will have to work to make up lost ground and attempt to win the next round.